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Virtual Tours


Our virtual tours offer a 360 degree immersive view, allowing visitors from anywhere in the world to experience your facilities and get an impression of what you have to offer.

We can offer simple tours with the latest 360 cameras which will connect you to Google Streetview, right down to high-end DSLR tours and drones, incorporating videos and points of interest in a comprehensive walk-through.

Here we are flying above the new Skywalk at Kalbarri’s Murchison
River Gorges.

3D Mapping

3D model

This model was created by taking hundreds of photos from all angles and stitching them together. The result can be used for surveying purposes and viewed as point cloud, textured/shaded models, DEM or orthomosaic.

Stromatolites, Shark Bay


This is a short film we put together from footage we took during our visit to Shark Bay on behalf of the Royal Ontario Museum, who will be creating a new exhibit, featuring the Stromatolites of Hamelin Pool.

Frenchman Peak


Frenchman Peak was named by surveyor Alexander Forrest during an expedition in search of good country for pasture in 1870. The peak’s shape was thought to resemble the hats worn by French troops in the 1800s.

A large cave near the summit is thought to have formed by wave action and underwater currents during a period some 40 million years ago when sea levels were at least 300 metres above their current level and the peaks of Cape Le Grand were largely submerged.

The Aboriginal name for the peak is Mandooboornup and it is an important place in local Aboriginal culture.

For more information visit TrailsWA

Costco Opening Perth Airport


Costco Australia opened their long-awaited Western Australian Store in March 2020.

Vortex Sky Media was asked to cover the opening week, including preparations, progress, the official opening, and the first day of customers streaming in.

Vortex Sky Media incorporated still photography, video as well as aerial photography and video in order to produce internal content for the Costco board meeting at the United States head-office as well as local promotional content around Australia.

Many challenges were successfully overcome including last minute changes due to impending Covid-19 restrictions as well as the operation of a drone within the Perth International Airport Zone.

Perth City from Kings Park (‘Light’n Easy’ Commercial Shoot)


Early morning sunrise in Perth, viewing from Kings Park.

We had permission to film there as we were shooting some footage to be used for a ‘Light n Easy’ commercial.


Kalbarri Skywalk




Agriculture may be as old as civilization itself, but thanks to new technologies that make it easier to monitor crops and maximize yields, the industry remains on the cutting edge. In less than 15 minutes, advanced UAV technology can survey a 160-acre field to identify variations in plant soil and health, giving farmers direct access to real-time aerial views and data to help make informed agronomic decisions. The result is a full-scale drone operation that gives agronomists and contract seed growers the ability to make timely determinations that directly impact seed yields and quality.

DroneDeploy’s Live Map giving real-time insights to plant health.

DroneDeploy’s Live Map technology provides real-time crop insights that enable growers to take immediate agronomic actions in the field. Whether it’s identifying an area that lacks irrigation or a particular crop that’s sprouting better (or worse) than expected, agricultural UAVs enable farmers to course correct issues through powerful, data-driven insights. Once drone fleets are ready to be deployed to field teams, drone operators undergo training to determine how to harness the power of aerial technology and ensure that operations adhere to local aviation regulations.

Utilizing UAVs developed by DJI, the collaboration between Corteva Agriscience and DroneDeploy brings some of the world’s most powerful agriscience solutions together with the world’s leading commercial drones and commercial drone software. Corteva Agriscience’s portfolio of products includes some of the world’s most recognizable brands in agriculture, including Pioneer, Brevant seeds, and Encirca and Granular, as well as Crop Protection products developed through active chemistry and technology.

DJI, the world leader in commercial and civilian drones, makes up more than 70% of the drone market and offers a wide variety of UAV products across many different industries. Combined with DroneDeploy’s user-friendly platform for real-time sharable drone maps and 3D models, farmers and agronomists across the globe will be able to carry out data-driven actions to keep fields full, healthy, and ready for seasons to come.

Where to Learn More

Tokyo – visit


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CASA Regulations


The rules

Drones or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) can be a fun, exciting hobby and have changed the way we do our jobs.

Safety in the skies is our top priority. To keep people, property and the environment around you safe, it’s essential you know the rules that apply to you.

If you don’t follow the rules when you fly, you could be hit with large fines and even possible jail time.

How to stay safe when you fly

Excluded category operations

The law

Report unsafe flying

See someone breaking the rules? Help us keep our eyes on the sky and report unsafe drones.

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