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Small Business Websites

We create affordable, no fuss, small business websites based on content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

our services

We handle Domain registration, domain hosting, logo design and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Customer Service

We take customer service seriously. Here at Vortex Sky Media you won’t have to deal with different people in different departments in regards to sales, marketing, production or support.

The person you talk to initially regarding your website will be your sole contact every step of the way.  This way we can ensure the greatest customer satisfaction along the entire process.

Value for Money

With us you know what you’ll get and what it is going to cost, upfront. When you use so called ‘free’ automated web design programs you end up paying a lot more in unanticipated charges and ongoing monthly fees.

Other stuff we can help you with

We don’t just put together your website, we can help with Logo design, Aerial photography/videography, Photography shoots, Video production and even public relations campaigns and social media.

Check out some of our recent work here……..

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